1968 born in Münster/Germany
1989–92 apprenticeship/studies photography in Münster
1992–94 lived and worked in New York
1995–96 Berlin
1996–99 Warsaw/Berlin
2000 Berlin
  Solo Exhibitions
2016 Viscosity of Light curated by Hannes Gruber at Larry, Berlin
2014 Spekulationen im Rahmen selbstdefinierter Gesetze/Speculations within self-defined Laws at Goethe Institut, Warsaw
2013 Sputnik curated by Charlotte David at Mulberry, Berlin
2012 Control curated by Nicola Ricciardi at Spazio Orso, Milan
The Flight to Security of tangible Assets/Die Flucht in die Sicherheit von Sachwerten, secondhomeprojects, Berlin
2011 We are Ghosts one night screening of various videos at Beit Haìr Museum, curated by Picnic magazine, Tel Aviv
Photokinetiks or a short Guide for the Construction of Meaning, WiE Kultur, Berlin
2009 The Fiction of Science, Book release and sceening at Motto-Distribution, Berlin
2008 The Anatomy of Surface, side program of Transmediale at M12, Berlin
2007 Piktogramm Studien at M12, Berlin
The Anatomy of Surface, Gallery Magda Danysz, Paris
2006 DAZ (Deutsches Architektur Zentrum), Berlin
2005 Galeria Melon, Warsaw
Gallery No good Window, Paris
Miedzy Nami Magazine release and exhibition, Warsaw
Miedzy Nami Magazine release and exhibition, Berlin
2003 Gallery Magda Danysz, Paris
2002 Galerie Wieland, Berlin
2001 BDA (Bund Deutscher Architekten), Berlin
Gallery Magda Danysz, Paris
2000 World Expo, German Pavilion, Hannover

  Group Exhibitions
2018 Enbloc at Codex, Berlin
2016 Les Miniatures curated by Codex at Nicole Gnesa, Munich
The Queen is dead at Codex, Berlin
2014 whatever is achieved at 7pm, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin
2013 Bogota curated by Codex at Hotel Bogota, Berlin
Neue Editionen, Photo Edition Berlin, Berlin
2012 do it again – Reflection, Repetition and Repulsion in Contemporary Art. Curated by Zoe Claire Miller and Antonia Bechmann at HBC, Berlin
Cliffhanger at Minken & Palme, Berlin
Neue Editionen, Photo Edition Berlin, Berlin
project N°2 at Spazio Sin Tesi. curated by Roberta Pagani, Turin
20 Years Anniversary of Gallery Magda Danysz, Paris
2011 BYOB (BringYourOwnBeamer) as part of the Mountain Festival in Jerusalem. Curated by Picnic Magazine, Jerusalem
picnic magazine@beit ha’ir museum, Tel Aviv
2010 Minken & Palme project space with Colin Penno, Berlin
2009 Retrato Berlin, Museo Nacional de bellas Artes, Santiago/Chile
Portrait: Berlin, Palacio Nacional de las Artes/Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires/Argentina
Portrait: Berlin, Palazzo Ducale - Fondazione per la Cultura, Genova/Italy
Portrait: Berlin, Sala de Exposiciones del Palacio Carrasco, Calle Libertad, Vina del Mar/Chile
Portrait: Berlin, Goethe Institut, Sala de Exposicion Portal la Dehesa, Santiago/Chile
2008 La Main qui dessinait toute seule (Chap. 3), Gallery Magda Danysz, Paris
MFF Media Fassades Festival, projection of photo-kinetics at Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin
Strictly Berlin 008/Between Fiction and Fact. Group exhibition at the GdK. Curated by Ingeborg Fülepp & Heiko Daxl, Berlin
2007 Berlin:Portrait Contemporary Photography and Video Art from Berlin. Nuovo Polo Natatorio Trieste Fotografia, Triest/Italy
Berlin:Portrait Contemporary Photography and Video Art from Berlin. Goethe Institut Washington DC/USA
Berlin:Portrait Contemporary Photography and Video Art from Berlin. The Moving Gallery, Omaha/Nebraska
2006 Talking Cities – Die Micropolitik des urbanen Raumes, Essen/Germany
Die Matrix at Schloss Ahaus for Kunstverein Arthaus, Ahaus/Germany
Urban Spaces, Instituto Italiano di Cultura di Tokyo
2005 Making Things Public, ZKM, Karlsruhe/Germany
Urban Spaces, Photo Espana. Projection at Plaza Ana/Goethe Institut Madrid
2004 Festival Transphotographiques, Lille/France
2003 Electrovillage, Museum für angewande Kunst, Cologne/Germany
Urbane Räume/Urban Spaces, VHS Photogalerie, Stuttgart/Germany
Europäischer Architekturfotografie-Preis, Bundeskunsthalle Bonn/Germany
Design Mai, Vitra Museum, Berlin
2002 Urban Drift, Berlin
Cookies, Berlin
2001 Galerie Wieland, Berlin
Festival of Visions, Goethe Institut, Hong Kong
2000 Goethe Institut, Warsaw

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